Bulk SMS marketing and campaigns have proved an attraction in recent times due to the popularity of mobile phone usage globally, however most people tend to execute these campaigns using third-party providers of such services which limit the features available to them. Some third-party providers limit the number of SMS service providers you can use and your cost options, especially when you know another SMS provider can deliver cheaper options and cost benefits. Others offer you no means of testing the performance of their respective systems e.g. confirmation of how many of your messages were delivered etc.

By using your own SMS hardware solutions, you achieve better control of your SMS marketing and campaigns and carry out more effective marketing campaigns for your organization. The cost model of the service offering can also be better optimized as well. With the cheap costs of SMS hardware, services can also be outsourced from one organization to another. You may decide to open your own SMS campaign service based on the fact that you own your own hardware.

For an organization which offers various products and services to a wide range of customers, owning SMS hardware is a better option than renting such hardware or passing through third-party providers of SMS bulk messaging services.  Your organizational campaigns may be a frequent affair and you might also want to leverage other options of SMS hardware technology for service delivery in your organization. Think in terms of multifactor authentication via SMS or Voice OTP authorization, internal control systems messaging and other services that depend on a SMS hardware solution.

Hypermedia offers several SMS hardware solutions which deliver fast returns on investment, allow for bi-directional messaging, the sending of messages to multiple users  and the use of third-party APIs for those that might want to leverage the SMS messaging offering to new levels.

Hypermedia SMS hardware solutions are robust while remaining affordable at the same time and perform similar needs for several organizations the world over. Some client organizations already using this hardware include: call centres, advertising and marketing agencies, financial institutions and general service providers. This however does not mean other organizations that have bulk messaging and SMS marketing needs cannot benefit from this solution or adapt it to meet their needs. Hypermedia technology also comes with Voice OTP technology which is faster than SMS and provides an added security advantage and accessibility to those you intend to reach out to.

With this hardware, businesses can send as well as receive responses and creative interactive messaging campaigns with users who have been forwarded messages and respond with their own replies. User-supplied data can be used to store leads which can then be stored or exported to a database.

Hypermedia’s SMS Campaigner solution specifically offers an enhanced user interface, message composition options, scheduling, message acknowledgment, contact management, a subscription module and campaign management options.  These tools can be leveraged upon with add-on options to deliver the required solutions to CPE owners.

Hypermedia SMS Hardware offers several benefits, cost-effective alternative to voice communication, fast return on investment (ROI), reduced  SMS rates with a VPN, bi-directional SMS messages (send & receive), an SMS server/client application, pre-defined user groups for SMS sending, the ability to send messages to multiple users as well as third-party API for extension functions.

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